Day 13 in Denmark

On this very peaceful day, we planned to go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern art and then make our way to the beach afterward. The museum was interactive and had different exhibits inside it that I had not seen before in a museum. One of my favorite exhibits is how they used technology and AI to help solve a murder case. They were a whole installed projection overhead walking through the remade room that the murder happened in. It is interesting to see how more modern inventions and technology are now being incorporated into museums. Louisiana Museum of Modern art was also built on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean, so not only was there beautiful art inside but equally beautiful outside. After having a delicious pasta meal at a nearby restaurant, we took a train ride heading toward the beach. The beach was primarily a rock beach, but I was ok with that because I could collect some remarkable-looking rocks. The ocean also had jellyfish that didn’t sting you, and of course, I was fascinated with them. The water was not as cold as I thought it would be, so if I wanted to, I could take a swim. Overall it was a day of sightseeing and eating more fantastic food.    

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