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Day 18 in Denmark

IO interactive studios and a farewell dinner were our last activities for closing out our enjoyable Denmark trip. IO Interactive gave us a wonderful tour of their studio that focuses on game design. After that lovely experience, we had a super delicious farewell dinner hosted by our wonderful professors, Travis and Michelle. Overall this experienceContinue reading “Day 18 in Denmark”

Day 17 in Denmark

On day seventeen, we had a great time at Playtype studio and Gehl studio. I could have spent the entire day at Playtype studio because we were able to play around with creating and designing a font and doing other fun type-related activities. I enjoyed this studio because it mainly focused on type, but theContinue reading “Day 17 in Denmark”

Day 16 in Denmark

Going to Thomas Dambo Studio was one of my favorite days traveling to Denmark because of how hands-on we got to be. We finally got to meet the famous troll artist that has created a whole storyline and real-life sculptures. I thought it was cool he was trying to bring his characters to life andContinue reading “Day 16 in Denmark”

Day 14 and 15 in Denmark

On day 14, we met at Rosenburg Castle to walk through the very large and glorious castle. The fun thing about this castle was there was a whole vault that had precious royal jewelry and other artifacts. As for the other paintings and furniture pieces that reside inside the castle, they were all very wellContinue reading “Day 14 and 15 in Denmark”


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