Blog Post 2

I have already found interactive media to be a really interesting since starting to learn about it. What has interested me so far about interactive media is app design and website design. Even though I only know the bare minimum I find the challenge enjoyable. With app design there is a fair amount of research involved. I find that part to be the hardest part because finding what you need and then to apply that to make your app work is challenging. There is a lot more to an app then what I originally thought. Taking my mindset from user to creator has been a new learning experience. Learning about app design has really made me think differently. Even though app design is everywhere since we buy things, it is not the only platform I want to learn. Since we now have the technology to order online and search for new places, it would be crucial to be apart of that market. Not only with just app design but also website design. A solid app or website can really affect the users who use the platforms. Since being a user myself and now someone who is learning to make these platforms there is alot I have picked up. I have noticed since this class how a website looks and runs affects the process. A crappy app or a confusing website can ruin the user’s experience. The use of an app or website should be a smooth process considering some apps people use they are only on for a quick transaction. Also learning how to create a personal website has been beneficial. A personal website is just as important as any other since your showing your work and branding yourself. We so far have learned how to create a basic layout of a website. I plan on trying to expand further than the themes that the websites give you. I want a more original brand. Since being in the class though, I have already learned so much. Since only weeks ago I now have a working domain and website. Which is a lot to accomplish in such a short amount of time. What I look forward to learning next would be even more about this field. Branding is very important and I know that plays an important part in interactive media. Learning marketing and branding in digital design itself will only help me in the long run. I find this class to be very beneficial to my degree. I hope to learn in the future just more about app and website design and what other things interactive media covers.   

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