09 Blog post

As a digital design student it just mostly affected all my on campus learning. Thankfully a lot of what we do is already on the computer but the transition is still challenging. I’m still confident I have most of the resources I need to still succeed.

This chart has been probably the best to understand and it gets right to the point. It shows how everyone plays a huge part in getting control over this virus. Also shows that if we do not try we may not all get equal access to medical care when we may need it. I feel this chart best explains what we need to do and why without completely scaring everybody.

Also another chart I found to be helpful is just a hand washing chart. It is simple and just reminds people to help stop the spread of so many germs. I feel if people just see these posted up it will be just a good reminder. The digital divide impacts people a lot when it comes to not being able to access information. Almost all information I have gained about this virus has been gained digitally. I feel the people who do not have access may not be informed of how to prevent it spreading. Lack of information can do a lot of damage because uninformed people may spread it more. Also if people do not realize they have to be self quarantined they would be out and about and since not being properly informed they may not care. For me personally to check what is going on I don’t really have an app I just check the news. I check multiple news sources to make sure everything matches up but I don’t obsess about. I want to be informed but I don’t want to be refreshing the news every second and scaring myself. Also my email plays a big part because I get direct updates. My phone in general right now is the thing that is keeping me up to date. I can check the news and check on other people so we can all still be connected when we are all isolated. When it comes to everyone to go online I think one important thing for everyone to remember is to be kind and patient. Some students and professors may not have ever taken an online class so it is a learning experience for everyone. And when it comes to being kind just be kind. Everyone is affected by this on different levels and now you can not really tell what is happening behind a computer screen. To get better at any of it is just to practice and laugh when you can. There are going to be times when audio just isn’t working or someone’s cat can’t help to block the screen. It is stressful for everyone and I think that is something that we all now have in common. Just try to do what you can and communicate with your professors because they are there to help. They want this transition to be as smooth as possible and they will be willing to work with you if you just reach out.

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