ID kit research

What do you consider to be your medium, style, and services of choice? Describe why you feel that is the case and links to some examples. 

I tend to lean more toward creating a lot of my work in illustrator. I enjoy making more prints and posters then I would say I would logo design. I enjoy making logos if I have more creative control but I see that may not be the case alot in my design career. I enjoy using illustrator to design elements I may need for my UX/UI projects or my motion projects. I also enjoy vector based images. I find they are easier to animate and I think it is fun to create them. 

What kind of skills, aptitudes, and abilities are current jobs in your field requiring, and how do you think your skills align with them? Please provide links and or citations to where you are gathering this information.

Some skills I see that repeat are having experience in adobe programs. I also see they are looking for designers that have good attention to details and can work well in group settings. I personally feel I have some of those elements or I’m working toward them. I try to make sure the details in my work are perfected and I also enjoy working with people. I have experience in the adobe programs but I’m working toward being even more proficient in them.–qoOR0w==&p=5&fvj=1&vjs=3&tk=1fgmehfphu57u801&jsa=3282&sal=1&sal=1&sal=1 


Thinking about after you graduate, what would you (either as a freelancer, employee, or business owner) offer that no one else in your market can? What would be your brand’s unique value proposition?

I would like to start as an employee and my brand would be versatile. I would show off what I enjoy and tend to work more in but also other skills I have. I want to show off I have areas I’m more experienced in but I would also enjoy and thrive in other areas as well. I want my design work to show that I work hard and I’m always working toward improvement. I want to offer that I’m put together but also very accepting of change and easy to work with. I don’t have all the skill in the world yet so I want to make sure I’m just as presentable as my work is.  

Ideally, what kind of clients/industries would you like to serve and work with, and why? Please provide links to a few examples.

I would like to work with fun and innovative companies. I love animals and one service I buy from is a company called bark box. They are always coming up with fun new themes every month and I really enjoy the little design choices they make.  

Another company would be adult swim. I watch a lot of their content and the design choices they choose are weird and sometimes experimental. I feel they are always trying something new so I feel I would have many chances to design things I may not be able to at other companies.

Through your research, please create a list of the kinds of problems you are most interested in addressing after you graduate and why

Problems I would enjoy working on

– Animal welfare and education

– Medical illustration and design (Need to go to school longer for this one)

– Climate related content 

Based on your research, what attributes and services do you think you would need to offer to be competitive in your envisioned marketplace?

I need skill. Even internships look for at least a small amount of knowledge. I feel if I can show off what I learn in a professional manner like a well put together website I’ll look like I have it together. Multiple skills also make you more competitive. If I’m more of a well rounded designer it opens up more doors for me to try different areas in design. It also helps being presentable. They probably won’t hire me if I walk in in sweats and not confident in my work.   


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