Problem Definition

The problem I want to solve is to have one concise place for all your animal needs. Your pets may have prescriptions, surgerys coming up or you want to know what vaccinations they have or need. I want to use design to create a platform that is an easy one stop place to get many articles of information. I also want to add a visual section showing what your pets surgery is going to be and the aftercare you have to do afterwards. Having your pet go through surgery can be stressful and sometimes a visual walk through is helpful when to know exactly what is happening to your pet. This will help pet owners feel more at ease and more informed on what is going on and what they can do afterwards. Other apps focus on one or two problems like reminders for meds or walks but I want an app that has many features. Of course you can go to google to look up information but it takes time to look up sources and compare them to make sure the information is correct. I want to try to create a multi purpose app that helps pet owners stay informed with all their pet needs.

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