Day 1 in Denmark!

Day one for me started on day two because our day one experience started with the long journey from the airport to the airport and lots of running to catch the next flights. Indeed, this event was eventful, and long plane flights always strain me, but the journey to somewhere new and exciting is always the best part. Once we got settled in and unpacked, we all had an early night’s rest because we were in Denmark and needed to prepare for the three weeks of fun planned out. We started our day with a lecture from Thomas, who taught us about the history of Danish inventions and his experiences living in Denmark. So exciting, we finally got to see the chairs we studied in art history in real life! I also got my sweet new ride for the next week and learned quickly that bikes and cobblestones don’t mix, but I call that a learning experience. This was the start of our journey where we had no idea where we were and were constantly lost, which was the fun part. Without getting lost, I wouldn’t have found a delicious sandwich shop called sandwich pigeon. There was so much to take in, and I tried my best while being very jet lagged. The canal tour was a great calming way to start our trip while we were all pretty tired. We got to see so many views and hear about the history of Denmark. I was also thoroughly impressed by our caption, who turned the boat on a ninety-degree turn which I thought was impossible. Overall this start of my journey is so exciting can’t wait to see everything Denmark has to offer and all the new talented people I get to meet along the way.  

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