Day 2 in Denmark!

I started to feel a little less jetlagged than I did before, which was nice because crashing at four in the afternoon is not ideal for sightseeing. We went on a walking tour around Denmark with Thomas to visit design studios showing many modern designs. This helped keep us all awake, and it was enjoyable not only to see the history but also to hear about it because I would have walked right by many buildings and firms. After taking a break to get lunch, we went on another tour, but it was on our bikes! Being able to bike on flat land and at sea level almost felt like nothing, and I barely noticed we were biking for hours. This tour was fun because we got to bike to specific landmarks and hear, for instance, why a building was made and why. It was nice to bike around and see everything from a different perspective. I also learned quickly that you don’t run yellow lights in Denmark. Yellow means to stop; after that, it flashes yellow, which means to go again. I was the American who ran through some lights now and then, but I got better. We visited the blox museum and firm, which looked exactly like a bunch of black boxes piled on each other. The museum was interactive and enjoyable, and they even had a giant metal slide! I bonked my knee going down that slide, but I would do it again.

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