Day 10 in Denmark

Another day another delicious pastry I ate on my way over to visit Make studio and then over to Ja studio. This presentation was very entertaining from Make studio, and I felt welcomed and informed by all the projects they presented. They have created logos for an ambulance company to product design, and magazine layouts. I loved their studio layout, and so far, the funny thing about this trip is most design studios we went to were always on the top floor, so we got a good workout every place we visited. After this studio, we had lunch and made our way to Ja studio. I loved the feel of this studio because the artist transitioned from a very fulfilling career from being a CEO to being a creative artist. I was impressed with all the connections she has made over a lifetime and now has the time to create organic natural art. I hope to be just as successful and have the chance to express my creative talent one day.   

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