Day 9 in Denmark

On this day, we had a busy schedule of attending a lecture by INDEX Project, an art museum, and another design studio, Krukow. The lesson about the INDEX project was fascinating because they told us about their program and showed us examples of past winners. Projects like the Lifestraw, a filtering water product I have seen before, but I did not realize it was an INDEX project. Anyone can send in their ideas for an invention in many categories, so maybe one day, if I have a good enough idea, I should give it a shot. After lunch, we visited the art museum Glyptoteket. I personally loved this museum, and it was so large we didn’t get all the way through it. It had art styles from all periods and types of art, from paintings to sculptures, so it had a little bit of everything for everyone. I love art museums so I could have spent half my day there, but I’m glad we had enough time to enjoy a lot of what we could. After that, we rode our bikes or took the train to the Krukow design studio that focused on nudge design. Their overall mission was to apply their knowledge of behavioral design and combine that with natural life obstacles to help solve problems. An example of this is using a method in a hospital setting to help gear patients to a digital check-in system since the hospital was undergoing many changes. They used specific colors like yellow that stood out to attract patients to interact with the user-friendly approach. I enjoyed their mission because they wanted to create a more efficient and better environment through the use of design. It gives a different perspective on how design can impact our choices and how people interact with the world.  

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