Day 3 in Denmark

I’m starting to adjust to Denmark. We learned that we start on time in Denmark, so it was important never to be late for anything. We started the day going to an interactive studio called Kora, which specialized in VR technology. This was enjoyable and educational. Some of the VR consoles we tried were ridiculous games, but others were deeper, like the experience of going homeless. That simulator gave a perspective of the process of what happens when you go through becoming homeless, and it was an eye-opener for people who have not personally experienced that. We had a tour of their faculty, and overall was a very welcoming and interactive experience. We stopped for lunch and got the most delicious tacos, and headed our way to Thank You studio. I enjoyed how Thank You studio laid out its building because it was a mix of work and fun. It also had a whole distillery, which was super cool and very delicious. They work on high-level production of products and advertisements, and the content they showed us was very inspiring. This day also taught me extreme patience because my bike was not in the best shape, and riding a bike that isn’t up to par can be frustrating. Still, though had a great experience meeting talented designers and eating some great food.                

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