Day 4 in Denmark

On day four, we woke up bright and early to see the Viking museum and Rockslide cathedral. It was a lot of walking to either place, but the views were beautiful, making the whole experience much more enjoyable. The Viking ship museum had actual authentic ships they could salvage that was still in excellent condition even after just sitting under the water for many years. They purposely sunk perfectly intact ships at the mouth of the entrance to the docks to keep other ships from sailing in to prevent invasions. After the museum, sadly the water was a little too rough for us to try sailing on a Viking ship, but we had a fantastic platter of meat and cheese to make up for it. After exploring the museum and walking around the boat docks, we made our way to the Rockslide cathedral. I enjoyed this experience because I was not expecting the many elaborate coffins I would see. It was interesting to see how each king or person of high status would decorate their final resting place and how designs would change over the years. We even viewed the current queen’s coffin, and in my opinion, it was unnerving to me to still be alive and have your coffin just waiting for you to pass. Even then, the cathedral was beautifully made, and I could tell that it took many years to sculpt every work of art that resides there today.

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