Day 5 in Denmark

On day five, we made our way to Hillerod to see the Frederiksborg castle, a beautiful work of architecture. The castle itself was gorgeous, but so was the surrounding area. It was sitting on the water, surrounded by lush green scenery, and there was a garden right next to the castle that was huge and beautiful. This castle was many levels, so it took us a while to walk through the whole place and then around the garden at the back.  It was fascinating that they could preserve the buildings, furniture, and clothing items over many years. In Colorado, we don’t have aged castles and long history because we have not existed for that long. I always found it fun to travel to different destinations to experience the rich history and view artifacts from the past. We also had the opportunity the explore the neighboring town or go on a boat ride. We chose to walk around the city to explore and find a place to eat. I never was disappointed by any food during this trip, so I always tried to try new foods because, without a doubt were always excellent. We also, by this day, started to become a pro at public transportation. I loved the bikes but sometimes being able to take a train was lovely.

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