Day 7 and 8 in Denmark

On day 7, we had a rest day which was very relaxing and enjoyable. We would always find new places to study and hang out back in our so-called dorms, but the dorms were a two-hundred-year-old building that was once military barracks. Our facility had personality and history, and most of us were sure it was haunted. Still, a fantastic place to stay in a great location, and we became friends with the spooky ghosts. On day seven, we visited HVASS$HANNIBAL studio. This women ran studio was put together by two friends who wanted to create dynamic works of art and enjoy it while they did it. I enjoyed all their work, from album covers to kid’s books. I thought their creative process was exciting and how they were constantly experimenting with new materials like using wood or woven fabric. Overall they were very kind to us, and I loved how they decorated their creative space. After we visited that studio, we made our way to the Aquarium. I always loved attending aquariums, so I was excited about this trip. The whole aquarium was entertaining; we could even stick our hands in one of the tanks to feel small fish. The aquarium also had delicious fries, so I had to try them out. I enjoyed seeing the HVASS$HANNIBAL studio and the aquarium; this day was really fun.

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